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Paul I’Anson
Founder and Director of True North Electrical Ltd and fully qualified Domestic Electrical Installer.
With an attention to detail and desire to do the best job possible. Qualified through the City & Guilds in:

Electrical installation
Inspection and Testing
Building Regulations
17th Edition Wiring Regulations

So you can be confidence that any work carried out is technically correct – as it should be.

All electrical work is conducted to meet the British National Standard BS7671 (17th Edition Wiring Regulations) and each electrical installation includes the design, construction, inspection and testing.

Additionally all works meet the relevant and current Building Regulations, particularly Part P ‘Electrical Safety in Dwellings’ but also any other building regulations applicable such as:-

  • Part A – Structure
  • Part B – Fire Safety
  • Part C – Moisture Ingress
  • Part E – Passage of Sound
  • Part F – Ventilation
  • Part M – Accessibility

At completion of works the installation, be it Minor or Full, is certified through the issue of the appropriate certificate.

Only parts that meet British Standards (BS) or European Norm (EN) are used and these are sourced from reputable suppliers, as such this satisfies the need to avoid the use of any copy/imported parts.

I am happy to quote for any job no matter how big or small and will treat every job with the same professional approach and ensure it is completed to a very high standard.

By all works being carried out by myself, to the correct standards, using appropriate parts, I can ensure that I meet the focus of True North Electrical…  ‘to offer customers an efficient, courteous and professional service – ensuring they can have any domestic electrical work, large or small carried out with confidence.

Kind Regards




Electrical Revolution – a brief look back..
Electricity has been in our homes for over 130 years and the appliances that use it have steadily grown through the years, with electric lights, radios, kettles, washing machines and a strange box thing that shows moving pictures – a TV!

But in the last 5 years or so we now find ourselves in the midst of the dramatically changing world of electrics…..
Around the home….
Smart TVs, computers, iPads/ tablets and even smart watches. Wireless computer router systems, air printers, even 3D printers. In the kitchen – Instant atarax jarabe boiling water taps, halogen ovens. In the bathrooms we now have electric showers, water pumps, heated floors and even heated walls. Lighting is now ECO, LED and Mood lighting.

Outside the house….
Security, Home CCTV, garden offices, hot tubs and the Man Shed (or Woman).

For the whole house….

Smart utility meters, radio controlled lighting and power, whole house control systems activated by your smart phone from, what could be, the other side of the world. The latest buzz words being ‘The Internet of Everything’.

Secondary Supply….

Then there is of course ‘Micro-generation’ of electricity – Solar, Wind etc, even cars are now turning fully electric and all of these ‘appliances’ (for want of a better word) require electricity.

And although we are living in exciting times, the fundamentals of electricity remain the same and the importance of professional, efficient and safe installation is paramount.