FAQs - True North Electrical - Camberley - Copy

Please find below a list of questions regularly asked with their answers, if you have a question you would like answering please submit it through the ‘Contact Us’ page and I’ll respond as soon as possible.

Question 1:
Do my electrics have to be upgraded to meet the latest 17th Edition Wiring Regulations?

Answer 1:
No. There is no requirement to have the current electrical system upgraded to meet the latest regulations, however it may be worth modvigil considering taking advantage of advances in newer technologies and the safety features they bring. Please see Question 2


Question 2:
Why have I been told if I have certain electrical work carried out, it may involve additional work or parts to comply with the latest regulations?

Answer 2:
This is because although electrical systems that met the regulations when installed do not have to be upgraded, any new works must meet the latest regulations.